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Possible 1000 Year Old Fir burl 
1,000 Year Old Fir

This is a priceless piece which came from a tree that measured 30' in circumference!. I almost tripped over this piece in the woods. When I looked down, I saw something interesting sticking out, as I exposed it I discovered it was a burl on top of the original old trees root. When it was cut out, there was still pitch inside.  It is believed to be harvested on the first cut of Vancouver Island amazingly!!

This video showcases an epic tree in the Alberni Valley "Cathedral Grove" B.C. which compares to the stump I found local to Black Creek B.C.

That had once boasted some of the largest Douglas firs in the world.


 Black Creek was the host to several logging camps in the early years of the 20th century such as the Comox Logging & Railway Camp #3 which was on what is now Endall Road. Endall Road public easement joins the dead end road with Hamm Road. Part of the camp bunkhouse is now adjoined to a local estate home. 


View the link at the bottom of the page from "Wikipedia" for additional information about Black Creek B.C.

Bowl at home
Measures 28'9"
First and second growth
First and second growth
Second growth cut down
First second and third growth
First,second,third growth saplings
Living 3rd growth sapling
Backside of 1,000+ year old fir
Backside of tree with bowl at home
1,000 +Year Old Bowl At Home
Backside of first growth fir tree
At Home Again Resting

Laying in its rightful spot.

1,000 Year Old Fir At Home Again
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