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1,000+ year old fir
1000 Year Old Fir 

This bowl came from a 1000+ year old fir tree. The tree was harvested on the first cut of Vancouver Island, measured 30 in circumference. 

Feng Shui Art Bowl
Feng Shui Art Bowl

This piece came from a local Maple tree from Campbell River B.C. My idea for this piece is to place a little flat vase in the bottom and fill it with soil. Then fill it with Chinese Feng Shui, vining plants. It has been finished with a natural bees wax mineral oil and wet sanded to 320 grit.

Local Fir Root with Main and only Tap Root
Fir Root Vases

This vase set is from a Fir root from a local tree in Black Creek B.C. There are pictures of the before and after shots in the “Vase set “section.

Roger Friesen/William.S.Walker



I had the great opportunity of working with a legendary hat designer (William.S.Walker) and a well-known local red cedar carver/sculptor (Roger Friesen). Together we made a beautiful wooden block used to make as many hats as you can think of 6 + different ways. 


Hat Block
4" Round 2.5" Tall Black Poplar
4" Round 2.5" Tall Black Poplar
4" Round 2.5" Tall Black Poplar
4" Round 2.5" Tall Black Poplar
Ontario Black Poplar

This was a large nugget off of a Black Poplar burl. All of the Black Poplar I currently have, was salvaged from a fallen tree in Ontario over 30 years ago.

Western Red Cedar Cheese Board
Western Red Cedar 

This is a Western Red Cedar cheese board burl. The burl comes from a local to black creek Western Cedar tree.

Western Red Cedar Cheese Board
Black Poplar Proposal Dish
Novelty Items

Check out the selection of Novelty Items made from the heart.

Spalted Maple Bowl Set
Paired Burl Bowl Set

This is the stack of Birdseye Bowls standing together.

Segmented Black African Mahogany
Black African Mohogony

I made this bowl in grade 10 high school woodworking class, it is a segmented bowl. This piece is one my inspirations which has brought me to this point today.

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