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Rodger Friesen Collaboration

Hat Block Designer/Creative Sculptor/


   In June 2015 I had the pleasure of working with Roger Friesen. Together with the design of

William. S. Walker we created a hat block.

A hat block is the Mold that Millners use to shape the fabrics or materials to make a hat.  

We truly had a difficult project ahead but it was just meant to be as it came together beautifully. This was a piece of art to be reckoned with when done.

The brim block was turned on a lathe by myself out of Yellow Cedar Burl. This burl measured 24" across.

The transition block and puzzle block was done locally by Roger Friesen out of red and yellow cedar.


If you have any ideas or plans for hat blocks that you would like to share or collaborate with us. Contact either Roger Friesen, William S. Walker or myself and we can have some fun. 


Hat Block With Puzzle Block

Lori Lachance


  Lori was another contact through Roger Friesen I actually had the opportunity to make her a few fascinator’s. Fascinator’s are what ladies sometimes pin to their hair in fancy patterns. These specific cedar fascinator’s are the mold in which Lori has made ladies fashion pieces to pin to their hair.


There are many different styles of fascinator’s, if you have an idea contact Lori Lachance or I and we can have some fun.

William S. Walker


  I met William.S.Walker through Roger Friesen in early June this year together we made a hat block. If you’re confused a hat block is the Mold that millners use to shape their fabrics or materials to make any hat to suit your fancy.

William S Walker came to Roger with a hat design carved out of Styrofoam in which he had already created a hat from. Roger was given the template and sent home with it. At that time, Roger and I had just met coincidentally on the internet when I was looking for burls. He came to me with the idea asking me to turn the base block for his large diameter hat block.

It was truly a challenge for me as this was one of the first projects I had attempted. By far the largest piece of burl I have done to date.

I appreciate the opportunity of Roger Friesen and William S Walker for the inspiration on this piece. Since then, I have continued on with my pieces of burl art. 


Myself personally I have an umpteen number of hats and can never seem to have enough.


If you have any ideas or plans for hat blocks that you would like to share or collaborate with us, please contact William. S. Walker, Roger Friesen or I and we can have some fun. 

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