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Personal History

           My name is Tom Nichols, I was a carpenter at the age of 21. Unfortunately I was injured at the age of 22 and re-injured 6 months later. My background as a carpenter led me to a new path, which means I still get to work with my passion … everything to do with wood.  Since my injury I have had to re think how I do everything.  As a person with a disability things take me much longer to do. But as life tends to do it has sent me in a direction that seems to be much more manageable for me.  I was introduced to construction at a very young age with my father, building our first home in B.C in 1994. It seems to have stuck with me as I have turned into a wood lathe artist now. As I believe everything happens for a reason in life to show you what you should be doing. Life lessons are learning lessons and I am fortunate to be living life, loving every minute of it.

toms stuff 260.-800
toms stuff 034.-800
toms stuff 254.-800
toms stuff 252.-800
toms stuff 236.--800
toms stuff 215.-800
toms stuff 204.-800
toms stuff 180-800
toms stuff 198.-800
toms stuff 208.-800
toms stuff 199.-800
toms stuff 184.800
toms stuff 026-800


Sonora Construction

Timber frame construction


At an early age in life I had the opportunity to work on some amazingly beautiful sites. This was at a ripe age of 17 and we were located on Sonora Island building multimillion dollar mansions for the rich and famous for them to come and relax. 

Jean Paul Gervais

My Grandfathers woodwork shop


Some of my fondest memories were composed of the smell when you walk into my grandpa’s shop. My Grandfather was always someone I looked up to as we shared something quite amazing, we both enjoyed working with all things wood. After I was injured I inherited his tools hoping someday they would be put to good use, and so they are.

Bench Grinder
Sanding Table/Band Saw
Table Saw
Cross Cut Saw
4' Drill Press
Shaper Table
Spare Parts


No Tree was harmed in the making of these pieces of art. The pieces have been reclaimed from the forest.

Brim Block Band Sawing
Brim For A Hat Block

Tom Nichols

My first woodwork shop/new venture


I started this venture in a 12x20 tent, My neice was playing with a wooden toy that I had been given as a child. After close inspection of the piece I discovered how cheap it was made. That led me to build one of my own, after a short time I needed wheels for the new toy. Once I had purchased the wheels I came to the conclusion if I had a lathe I could make my own.

That turned from toys to burls almost instantaneous since we live in the perfect place for them here in B.C. NO TREE HAS BEEN HARMED OR HARVESTED FOR THE ALL MIGHTY "BURL".

 The tent turned out to always be a bit crowded but it worked well for me. The small space meant I had to re think how to do everything in the shop, to accommodate my limited capabilities with my back.

All was well until I added more tools! then it started to restrict my space immensely. I have again had to re think how things could be set up better for me, which led to my new venture. I am excited to share it with you soon.

Brim for Hat Block
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